Agriculture is specifically defined in the Town and Country Planning Act which means whilst grazing of horses can, in some cases, fall within this definition the use of land for horses generally requires a formal change of use to equestrian. Keeping horses on land, riding, supplementary feeding etc. creates a material change of use.

Most of the time change of use applications form part of an application for the associated infrastructure required, such as stables, building or a new access but this can also be done as a standalone application if required.

Each site should be considered on its own merits with regard for the site characteristics and surrounding features as well as any planning constraints or relevant policy including, for example, Green Belt, Conservation Areas, setting of Listed Buildings and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We also need to take into account matters such as ecology, trees, highways and neighbouring amenity and we have produced an information sheet, sent out with all fee quotes, outlining the types of reports you may need and why to help your understanding early in the process.