We are happy to work with scaled drawings supplied by you (or, for example, your stable provider) or we can provide plans for you in house if required as our understanding enables us to take your brief and work with designers to produce your plans.

If any survey work for submission (for example ecological surveys) is needed we can also source this for you as a single point of contact making the process as simple as possible for you. We have produced information sheets, outlining the types of reports you may need and why, to help your understanding early in the process.  Any additional reports or surveys required will be clearly fee quoted prior to instruction.

Similarly we can, and do, work with other professionals such as architects to provide supporting documentation and planning statements for submission.  We can do as much, or as little, as you need to support you through your planning application journey.

The key point about how we work is that there will never be any hidden costs. We will fix fee from preparation to submission for the agreed work and never go over any agreed fee caps on hourly rates without justification and subsequent permission from you.

All of our fee quotes are provided as a clear fee quote form never exceeding two sides of A4 for ease of reference.  To instruct us all you have to do is return the instruction form (which can also be completed electronically for ease) and let us do the rest for you.

From submission all applications are monitored on a regular basis with updates sent to you so you aren’t left wondering what is happening with your application. We also have a series of standard information sheets issued at varying points of the application process to assist you in understanding what is going on at each stage. Once close to target determination dates we actively engage with Councils to enable decisions to be issued swiftly and proactively deal with any matters raised during the application process.