Outdoor arenas still generally require planning permission as, despite being a largely ground level or below ground structure, it is classified as development due to being operational (a form of development requiring permission). We can guide you through the entire process from design; to submission and discharging conditions to enable you commence buildings work on site.

In the case of arenas consideration needs to be given as to the type of construction and location, with special attention to site levels, as well as drainage systems and the type of surfacing required. It is also important to consider the requirement, if any, for lighting as part of the proposals within any application. Indoor arenas are, of course, typically located within steel portal framed buildings where location is important along with general, bulk scale and massing of the building itself.

Each site should be considered on its own merits with regard for the site characteristics and surrounding features as well as any planning constraints or relevant policy including, for example, Green Belt, Conservation Areas, setting of Listed Buildings and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We also need to take into account matters such as ecology, trees, highways and neighbouring amenity and we have produced an information sheet, sent out with all fee quotes, outlining the types of reports you may need and why to help your understanding early in the process.

As well as the more common requirements, such as stables, there are other types of equestrian development that may need to be considered including, for example, horse walkers, new access points or gallops.